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We offer multidisciplinary care provided by professionals.
Community Nurse Visits Senior Woman Suffering With Depression

As a home health care provider, we know the value of collaboration in making the decisions related to the care for each patient. Each member of the care team, our caregivers, family members, other health providers, and even the clients themselves need to have a sense of care uniformity to make care service work. At Able Home Health, our years of experience have allowed us to work with many clients, families, and professionals and you can trust us to provide the types and levels of service that is suitable for your loved ones.

Our home health services include:

Skilled Nursing Visits
If your loved one is dealing with health issues but wants to stay at home, you can benefit from skilled nursing visits. Our skilled nurses are registered nurses that have had specialized training in home health care. With them around, you can trust that your loved one will be provided with treatment, medication administration, health monitoring, and other health management services they require as indicated in their personalized care plan. Skilled nurses may also communicate with your loved one’s doctor and your family to provide updates on your loved one’s condition.
Home Health Aide Visits
Home health aides’ main responsibilities are to ensure clients’ safety and comfort at home. Their services vary depending on clients’ overall needs, but they generally offer personal and hygiene care, companionship, medication reminders, and supervision. They may help your loved ones as they perform their daily living activities and assist if they need mobility assistance at home. Our home health aides may also give you family caregivers tips on how you can properly help your loved ones at home.
Physical Therapy
Physical therapists are trained specialists that help those who are dealing with mobility issues or body function problems due to injury and disabilities. With their help, and through physical therapy sessions and exercises, clients can gradually improve their ability to move and rehabilitate the use of affected areas of their bodies. Physical therapists may also use therapeutic massages to improve blood flow and stimulate muscles and nerves to promote functional improvement.
Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists’ main goal is to help individuals regain and maintain their independence. If the client has been recovering in a hospital or other residential facility but wants to go home, occupational therapists may first assess the home environment and suggest changes in the home to help clients acclimatize to the home better. They may also help clients retrain themselves in daily living and other activities to help them regain independence in all areas of their lives.
Speech Therapy
Speech therapists are specialists who help clients dealing with communication and feeding issues. They specifically address problems with articulation, fluency, resonance, language reception and expression, and cognitive communication. For those with feeding disorders, they help clients who have problems with chewing and swallowing their food. To manage these conditions, speech therapists may introduce a variety of exercises and activities that manage contributing factors of the condition.
Medical Social Worker
Medical social workers play a different yet essential role in home health care. They serve as clients’ and family members’ liaisons in understanding the health care industry and finding out the resources they may avail and access for the benefit of the client. They also serve as clients’ advocates as they help maintain communication lines for clients, family members, and all the healthcare personnel involved. This way, they can collaborate more effectively and work together to help find the best possible outcomes.

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